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CFI is a French public agency that supports the world's media . It contributes to the fight for freedom of expression, press freedom and media independence.


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Mehdi Cherif: science without conscience...

A brilliant student, Mehdi Cherif, 25, has chosen to share his knowledge and bring science to the masses.

Fahmologia makes knowledge more accessible to the general public.

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Aminata Kane's passion and inquisitiveness pays off

French-speaking journalist Aminata Kane has made her mark and become editor-in-chief at TVM

I learn a great deal about new tools, such as data journalism...

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Mohamed Saleh: a liaison between communities

Mohamed Saleh, 25 years old, based in Nouakchott, is a multi-talented journalist with Sahel TV. Calm

In the capital, I was quickly drawn to the marvels of television that I discovered! I started to copy journalists.

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Our projects

Recent information about projects in the field

desinfox jeunesse

Desinfox Youth

Combatting the spread of misinformation among young people in Africa


Yak Vdoma

Supporting Ukrainian local journalists to promote independent, safe and conflict-sensitive coverage of the war in Ukraine and the regional crisis

Terra Africa

Terra Africa

The media outlets working towards eco-responsible citizenship in West Africa

We act for

  • Defend freedom of information
  • Protect the environment
  • Promote equality between women and men

Our Statement of Principles


CFI asserts its unwavering commitment to freedom of expression and the freedom of the media, as well as to the fundamental freedoms underpin the democratic balance of a society


CFI conducts all of its actions with a constant focus on sustainability


CFI promotes a culture of exchange, dialogue and sharing of good practices between the media community including regulatory bodies and public authorities


CFI supports and defends media pluralism by guaranteeing the diversity of content and opinions


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