文学城简介 [ 更新日期:11/04/2013 ]

About Us

Established in 1997, wenxuecity (WXC) has become the largest overseas Chinese website in the world.  We offer a full spectrum of online information services, including but not limited to: news, BBS, online community, activity groups and blogs. Having readers centered in our business development, WXC is devoted to serve overseas Chinese throughout the world. We have highly engaged our audience with different venues, and that has contributed to the popularity of some unique products in WXC. Those products have become audience-generated brand names, such as

  • 子女教育 (Raising kids) – The love and pain, fun and frustrations in raising kids overseas
  • 我爱我家 (Sweet Home) – “Home, my sweet Home.” Everything under the roof, and with the family
  • 私房小菜 (Private Recipes) – Tantalizing aroma is the only thing you cannot find here
  • 海外原创 (Haiwai/Overseas Original – Literature) – Share your stories and feelings
  • 流行时尚 (Fashion) – The platform to show your beauty, share your fashion tips and learn from others
  • 影视人生 (Video life) – Enrich your life with various shows
  • 世界风情 (Travel Adventures) – Share the stories of your trips around the world

In the digital era where social platforms are flourishing, we will continue our focus on enhancing our Chinese online community and creating more products/venues to meet the changing needs of overseas Chinese. Our desire to facilitate the communication between China and foreign cultures has led to everything we do at wenxuecity.com. 

* Details about wenxuecity.com please see below: The English Profile of Wenxuecity.com



子女教育 子女培养?上藤校?家长关系?……在海外养孩子不是孤军奋斗

我爱我家 装修、家长里短、邻里关系……家永远是最温馨的港湾

私房小菜 不论是私房食谱还是美食地图,在私房小菜论坛里你都能找到你的那盘菜

海外原创 分享生活,讲你的故事

流行时尚 展示自我充实自我的平台

影视人生 国内流行看什么?请看影视人生论坛

世界风情 读万卷书不如行万里路

文学城以成为“跨出国门信息第一站”为目标,将信息窗口与网络社区相结合,为海外华人提供第一线 咨询和方便的在线互动平台。文学城将会不断完善,为用户提供最便利的信息传播渠道,丰富广大读者的生活。


Why Wenxuecity.com?
Wenxuecity.com has been around for over 20 years and maintained a healthy growth since the very first day. We are the #1 portal for overseas Chinese, and have a solid audience base, especially in North America. From west coast to east coast, wenxuecity has readers located in every corner of North America. Where there are Chinese, there is wenxuecity.com. Our readers congregate in extended urban areas and thriving cities such as Greater New York, San Francisco bay area, Greater Los Angeles, Greater Toronto, Vancouver, Houston, Dallas – Ft Worth, Seattle, etc. Compared to general public in North America, our readers are more educated, more tech-savvy and have higher annual household income. They are culturally similar and have a lot in common with each other. Most of them are loyal to wenxuecity.com. This in part explains the high engagement and credibility of wenxuecity.com.

With a third-party serving solution and in-house-developed geo-targeting ad serving system, wenxuecity is able to deliver credible tracking metrics, and offer customized targeting solutions to meet your needs.




Key Statistics

According to the most recent data (2017, from Google Analytics and Alexa), wenxuecity.com is ranked 2,531 globally and 810 in the U.S. on search engine traffic volume. Every 30 days, the number of average pageviews is over 2 billion, and that of unique visitors is close to 3 million. Within the 3 million unique visitors, over 90% are returning visitors. And about 60% of the total traffic comes from the US, while about 20% are from Canada. On average, they view about 9 pages for each visit and stay on the site for 14 minutes.



Advertising Services

In addition to ordinary advertisements on wenxuecity.com, we offer a great variety of opportunities to either convey your brand story and/or promote your offers.

  • Advertisement
  • Adtorials
  • Sponsorship
  • Partnership
  • Research
  • Events and Promotions

If you do not find the advertising/markting service you need, please contact us



  • 网页广告
  • 软文广告
  • 赞助
  • 推广合作
  • 消费者研究
  • 活动和促销

The English Profile of Wenxuecity.com 

Simply, wenxuecity.com is composed by five key components, which are:

·         Homepage

·         News

·         BBS forum

·         Blog

·         Group

These five gathers over 95% of the total traffic.

The hierarchy of wenxuecity.com

The first tier is the Homepage. Except for navigation bar, there are three major sections in the homepage. They serve as a snapshot of digest posts and/or editors’ pick to News (the top section), BBS forums (the middle section), and the blog (the bottom section).

According to the website, wenxuecity.com applies a direct link from homepage to other components. The sort of 3-tier hierarchy is pretty simple and convenient. However, it greatly limits the potential of promoting good content and attracting more advertisers due to the very limited space.  In order to solve these problems,wenxuecity.com has decided to add more second-tier pages that won’t interrupt current viewing habit but enables content- and geographic- targeted reading and advertising. These changes will be reflected on the navigation bar on the homepage. It targets the 16 hottest components/pages/forums of wenxuecity.com. When fully launched (by the end of 2017), the 16 components of the under-construction navigation bar will be listed as:

Homepage, 新闻News, 财经Finance (Launched),移民 Immigration (Launched), 教育education, 家居home improvement, 健康health and beauty, 美食food, 时尚fashion, 旅游travel, 影视video, 分类classified, 博客blog (Launched), 群组group (Launched), 专题topics (Launched), 论坛forums 

The most diverse part of wenxuecity.com

As an active community website, the audience is the invaluable asset of wenxuecity.com. BBS forums (third tier) offer a highly diverse platform for the audience to post and follow the topics they are interested in. There are 55 forums or pages listed on a more detailed navigation bar on bbs.wenxuecity.com – the showcase "homepage" of all forums.  They are:

滚动新闻 (News) – the home page of all news

生活百态 (Social News) –  the essential part of news

娱乐频道 (Entertainment News) – another essential part of news

唯美贴贴 (Pretty Images) – a place that gathers people who love pretty images, pictures and photos

摄影沙龙 (Photography Salon) – where the shutterbug share their passion and skills

股市财经 (Wall Street Journal News) – editors’ pick of Wall Street Journal news)

大千股坛 (Stock Market) – the forum that gathers experts and amateurs to discuss the trend in the ever-changing stock market 

投资理财 (Investment) – for people to share stories, experience and analysis regarding investment and personal finance

世界风情 (Travel Adventures) – share the stories of your trips around the world

影视人生 (Video life) – enrich your life with various shows

移民新闻 (Immigration News) – lawyers’  pick/articles about the trend in immigration policy change

移民论坛 (Immigration Forum) – where to look for help in immigrant issues and applications

留学生活 (Study Abroad) – for students that study abroad to share their stories

美语世界 (U.S. English) – where to learn and improve U.S. English

想唱就唱 (I love singing) – people who love singing to share their voice and songs

我爱我家  (Sweet Home) – “Home, my sweet Home.” Everything under the roof, and with the family

子女教育 (Raising kids) – the love and pain, fun and frustrations in raising kids overseas

亲亲宝贝 (My Baby) – the forum for mums to share their stories and experience in pregnancy and taking care of their little babies

宠物乐园 (Pet Wonderland) – where the pet enthusiasts to share their love and passion

音乐快递 (Music Express) – share favorite music and stories with other music lovers

私房小菜 (Private Recipes) – tantalizing aroma is the only thing you cannot find here

健康养生 (Health and Beauty) – where to share knowledge and  experience in health and to look for help in improve health conditions

流行时尚 (Fashion) – the platform to show your beauty, share your fashion tips and learn from others

脑筋急转 (Quiz) – fun quizzes to train the brain

难得一笑 (Joke) – you’ll laugh here

职场生涯 (Career Life) – to share stories and to look for advises regarding career life

创业天地 (Entrepreneur) – where the entrepreneurs to share their passion and look for advices

回国发展 (Back to China) – people who plan to or have come back to China to share their stories and emotion

人在他乡 (I am Overseas) – overseas Chinese to share their joy and tears, divided to many sub-forums that focus on certain area

奇闻怪谈 (Ghost Stories) – forum for scary story lovers

法律咨询 (Legal consultancy) – discuss the legal issues, cases and search for help in this area

跨国婚姻 (Interracial marriage) – for female and male who want to marry and have married to non-Chinese

爱是有缘 (Romance) – where you can find love stories for ordinary people 

爱车一族 (Automobile Lovers) – gathers enthusiasts for cars

实用电脑 (Computer Experts) – attracts enthusiasts for computers and digital technology

人到中年 (Middle Age) – for people in one of the toughest life stage to share their love and pain as a middle-aged human being

生于70’s (70s) – the forum that gathers people who were born in 1970s

常青人生 (Silver Life) – seniors’ private world to share with others

百家杂谈 (Diversity) – all you want to discuss, no boundary

体育看台 (Sports Fans) – for sports fans to share their passion

婚姻生活 (Marriage) – where to talk about the joy and frustration in marriage

几曾回首 (Chinese History) – a forum for “scholars” to talk about the modern history of China

品茶小轩 (Tea Lounge) – whatever you would like to share during tea time

星相卜卦 (Horoscope) – for people to explore the inner part from a different perspective

科技世界 (Geek) – for technology enthusiasts  

时事述评 (Commentary) – for people to discuss current affairs

我的中国 (My China) – where to discuss everything about China

两岸交流 (Taiwan Relations) – the forum to discuss issues regarding Taiwan

书画艺廊 (The Art Salon) – for the lovers of arts

网上谈兵 (Military Fans) – a forum for fans to discuss everything regarding military and strategy 

海外原创 (Haiwai/Overseas Original – Literature) – Share your stories and feelings

文化走廊 (Culture Salon) – for discussing all things about culture

诗词欣赏 (Poet) – enjoy the beauty of poets and other traditional Chinese literature

书香之家 (Readers’ Club) – share the books, articles and literature you love

数码生活 (Digital World) – talk about all trendy digital technology and devices

Aside from the above 55 forums, there are dynamic BBS created for certain topics, such as forums for discussion ignited by particular hot news. They can be accessed through topic page. Most recent example is the topic on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table the "kill all people in China" controversy. People across the country and all over the world have responsed to this, called for signing petition on whitehouse website and organizing local protest activities through our website. For a month, from news, forums to blogs and groups, there were a lot of communication and acitivities going on o wenxuecity.com.  

The original content at wenxuecity.com 

Blog is the section at wenxuecity.com that is mainly composed of original piece from our registered members. People post their life stories, share their opinion about various topics, and communicate with others through comment function and the in-site message we offer. We just overhauled the blog system, offer better view and more functions for bloggers to showcase and personalize their blog. 

The community within the community 

Groups is the community within the bigger community at wenxuecity.com. People create groups - either public or private - to form an online community or club where they interact with people that share a more specific alike interest with them. This part is 95% managed by members themselves.